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Legionella Risk Assessments

Legionella risk assessments consist of a survey of the water systems within your building, establishing any risks and recommending any remedial works necessary to minimise risk.  


The following are elements that are considered during a Legionella risk assessment:

- Where the system water is supplied – mains or other

- Training of the responsible person

- Identifying areas where possible contamination could occur before water reaches outlets, for            example, cold water storage tanks and calorifiers

- Normal characteristics of the water systems including identifying little used outlets

- Sections that could harbour and aid the proliferation of bacteria, such as deadlegs


In addition to identifying risks, the assessment allows a complete analysis of the water systems therefore enabling the design of a comprehensive Legionella control program.  The combination of these services ensures your water systems are managed correctly and monitored efficiently.  The risk assessment should be reviewed regularly or if there is reason to believe the assessment is not valid, for instance due to factors such as a change in building use or changes to the water system.  Keeping an up to date risk assessment will make sure your control program is as effective as possible. 


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