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Pre-Commission Cleaning

New pipe work installations that form closed circuit heating or chilled systems will require the removal of contaminate debris, such as mill-scale, oil, anti-spatter agents, building debris and rust – to name but a few.  Any of these contaminants will cause problems with strainers, control valves and heat exchangers.  It is imperative that modern day systems are flushed prior to commissioning. 

System Cleaning and Maintenance

Over time, heating and chilled systems accumulate dirt.  This can be due to scale, corrosion or microbiological fouling.  These conditions can cause the system to underperform and reduces energy efficiency.  Through analysis, EWS can advise how best to clean, flush and re-commission.  

Shower Flushing and Descaling

Little used outlets and scale are contributors to the growth of Legionella.  Showers that are used infrequently and allow water to stagnate should be flushed to eliminate the threat of Legionella growth.  Showers that are used frequently are subject to a build up of scale which should be removed in order to keep the shower clean and prevent damage.  These are relatively easy and straight forward jobs but require the right chemicals and skill in order to be effectively carried out. 

EWS can advise you as to what constitutes a little used outlet and guide you through the necessary actions to comply with Legionella control legislation.


A Legionella control program should be implemented not only to minimise the threats identified in the risk assessment but to monitor and maintain the water systems.  Monitoring usually takes the form of monthly water samples taken from various outlets in the building.  These samples are tested for the presence of various bacteria (click here for more information) which will be treated accordingly.  At these monthly visits, temperatures are also taken from the hot and cold water systems to ensure that the water is within a safe temperature range, i.e. not at the temperatures most suitable for Legionella growth.  Should water temperatures appear outside of the safe range, which could simply be due to a faulty calorifier, EWS will identify the problem and advise you how best to remedy it.

Corrosion Prevention and Treatment of Closed Systems

Many water systems have pipe work and other components that are made from cooper and plastic which have low corrosive properties.  However, some systems are made from materials which are more prone to corrosion and without appropriate treatment, can eventually rust away and cause leaks.  Corrosion can also lead to the degradation of boilers and chillers. 


EWS has a full range of chemicals that are BuildCert approved, particularly the molybdate based inhibitors that prevent the proliferation of NRBs, SRBs and Pseudomonas.

Chemical Descaling

Have you ever noticed a build up of scale on the inside of your kettle?  Scale build up also occurs in components of a system that operate at high temperatures and the harder the water.  As with a kettle, deposits of scale can form on the bottom of components such as calorifiers, causing a chain of problems:

- Calcium deposits decrease efficiency of heat transfer
- System is under more pressure to reach set temperatures
- Heat exchanger will have shorter life and will need replacing sooner


As well as the above mechanical problems, scale build up also has a financial and environmental impact; the more scale deposits present, the more energy the system requires and therefore running costs are increased.  These problems are easily avoided by engaging in a chemical de-scaling program to stop the calcium deposits and prolong the life of your systems.   EWS can inspect your systems for scale and treat them as necessary.  We also offer advice on how to make further savings while reducing your carbon footprint.

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