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Water System Cleans and Disinfection - Chlorination

Cleaning your water system removes the inevitable build up of biofilm (slime and dirt).  Biofilm can aid the proliferation of bacteria such as Legionella, and limit the efficiency of the system by creating blockages and reducing heat transfer.  By cleaning your system you can avoid the aforementioned problems, maintain hygienic, safe conditions and potentially save money on energy bills.  Cleaning and disinfection is an essential component of an effective Legionella control program.


This service can cover the cleaning and disinfection of cooling water systems, cold water storage tanks and calorifiers to name but a few.   A thorough clean and disinfection used to be recommended annually but EWS will tailor a control regime to your company, as several factors can affect the frequency of which cleaning is necessary.


EWS also specialise in ‘on-line’ disinfections with different chemicals, allowing the safe disinfection of systems while they are still in use.  On-line disinfection is very useful when dealing with processes that cannot be shut down, for example, in residential properties where outlets cannot be accessed or simply when having no water would be inconvenient.  


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